Bio Jeff graduated from the California Healing Arts College in 1992.  Upon completion he began work as a massage therapist, while continuing to study yoga with many re-nowned teachers in Santa Monica.  Two years later, he received his first yoga certification, and became a full time staff member of the Sivananda Yoga Center in Los Angeles, CA.  During his eight-year stay there, he participated in daily group meditations and yoga classes.  Sivananda is an international organization, which allowed him to travel to India and various international locations to study with many outstanding teachers.  In addition to Yoga and Meditation, the yoga center enabled him to learn about Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit and Ayurveda.  Learning to cook was another priority for him during this time.  He attended and gave many cooking classes on the topics of the Yogic Diet, Ayurvedic Cooking, Macrobiotics, and raw food. After leaving the yoga center, Jeff worked as a massage therapist while studying Ayurveda formally, with Dr. Vasant Lad, in Albuquerque, NM.  This gave him a strong understanding of anatomy and the Ayurvedic concept of health and disease. Since attending classes at the Ayurvedic Institute, Jeff has become a certified Nutrition and Wellness consultant (Western Nutrition) and a Certified Personal Trainer.