Testimonials “I first saw Jeff because I had neck pain from a car accident that wouldn't go away. When I told Jeff about my pain, he said, "I can fix this," and he did! It took him 15 minutes and the pain was gone. After that, I saw Jeff for a general massage once a week for about six weeks, and I don't get neck pain now. I'm doing great. Jeff is the best and knows his stuff!” Sharon Winters Albuquerque, NM “I am a seventy four year old overweight male that has been active in sports (football, tennis and racquet ball) during my younger days and now the aces and pains are catching up with me.  I have had a total of five “Total Knee Replacements”, a Triple Heart Bypass and Colon Cancer and arthritis throughout my body.  I do not have very good blood circulation in my lower legs but in less than six months I have noticed much improvement in my blood circulation and getting the color back in my lower legs.  My entire body feels much better with much less pain and I can turn my head now while driving which is a great benefit.” William W. Edwards, Albuquerque, NM “Jeff Mace has relieved many aches and pains with massage.  My carpal tunnel has almost disappeared due to stretching and massage.  Jeff has relieved headaches, foot pain, shoulder pain and neck pain with massage.  His knowledge of the human body, massage, yoga and healthy eating has had a major change in reducing my pain and stress.” Heidi Oury “I have been a regular client of Jeff's for about 1 1/2 years. He has been very helpful in keeping my body in alignment . I have had better results than I had when seeing a chiropractor or a physical therapist.  He listens to what I have to say and addresses each problem with a careful attentiveness. Also, he suggests ways for me help myself to maintain any adjustments or improvements.” Mary Ann Daily “Jeff has helped me tremendously with my right shoulder and hip.  A few of my friends recently tried to persuade me to try a new therapist whose office is very close to my home, and who charges considerably less.  I still prefer to go to Jeff even though his office is more than 30 minutes away.  It is worth it to me because his treatments are very specific, and always provide the right pressure and techniques to give me relief.” Andrew “I have had regular body work since 1986 and even took an extensive massage course myself.  I have experienced many different therapists and modalities over the years, but never had anyone release my neck and shoulders like Jeff.  I have had chronic pain for years and he relieved it in just 25 minutes.  He is more than just a massage therapist!” Yavohna